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We are a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts who were looking for our next adventure, that is when we had a light bulb moment - Ferrata!

Just like you, we had our glitches, hiccups and doubts before starting out. It is never easy to take that first leap of faith just for a hunch.

Yes, the market is crowded, too many unknowns, what ifs and buts and yet we believed in our identity, our idea of quality and design. 

We took that first step. We want to instil the same confidence and motivate you to do the same for all your endeavours.

No more reasons, stop at nothing,
Build your own Ferrata!


Ferrata, an outdoor sporting goods brand focused on creating an eco conscious community across India. We are driven to promote sustainability and motivate people to take their life further.

Hence the slogan - Reasons no more!
We specialise in outdoor sporting goods and plan to expand our product line to apparels, hiking gear and outdoor equipments.

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